Patterson’s Perspective: Another year in the books

You know as I grew up my parents would always tell me that time flies when you are having fun but you don’t pay much attention to that as a kid. But, holy cow, did 2019 fly by? It seems like just yesterday we were dealing with Snowmageddon in Prescott Valley for State Basketball but it was already 8 months ago. Wow..

Doesn’t it just seem like we were celebrating Thatcher football’s 3rd straight state championship? That’s been a full 12 months.

What about McKade Finch winning his 4th consecutive wrestling championship for Safford? Again nearly a full year ago..

The point is, there were tons of huge local sports accomplishments in the last year and probably too many to name individually, so I won’t try. I just wanted to take a bit and say thank you to all of the athletes, coaches, administrators and fans in the Gila Valley and beyond that tune in on my broadcasts on KATO 1230 AM or read the recaps and stories here on GilaValleyCentral. There is zero chance that we would be able to do what we do without the support of you all.

I was just looking through year end totals for my broadcasts this year. 13,565 different devices logged in to listen this year! Thank you! You have no idea how lucky of a guy I am to bring you the play by play action of the outstanding athletes and teams in the Gila Valley. It’ll be 20 years in February..

In 2020 we will continue to bring you fresh sports content on the radio and internet. We will continue to team up with Safford Bulldog News Network and their students as well as the Eastern Arizona College media department. Those relationships are more valuable than you realize.

Let’s also take a minute to realize how quickly time passes and to relish the time you have with your current teammates and coaches. Those are relationships that will last a lifetime. After all it doesn’t seem like a year has passed already.

I hope everyone realizes how lucky we are to have such competitive teams in the Gila Valley. Imagine not going to the state playoffs every year.. We have at least one team in every sport make a run every year in the playoffs. Don’t take that for granted.

I know this feels like a rambling.. and in truth it is. Happy New Year and I’ll see you on the radio in 2020.