Gila Idol 2023 Final

Winner of the 2023 season: Zaylie Windsor

Zaylie Windsor was named the 2023 Gila Idol winner, and presented the trophy from Mike Curtis of Trophies ‘N Tees, left, and a check for $2,000 from Reed Richins of Double R Communications. – David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central

2nd place: Hunter Chamberlin
3rd place: Kamea Nelson
4th place: Andy Davis


  • Darryn Kamae
  • Jennifer Olson
  • Adam Crohn


  • Frank Adams
  • Molly Dobell
  • Ethan McBride
  • Brianna Morris

Image Gallery

Photos by David Bell

  • Molly Ellis
    Molly Ellis
  • Natawni Layton
    Natawni Layton
  • Paityn Mattice
    Paityn Mattice
  • Reed Richins
    Reed Richins
  • Savanna Clonts
    Savanna Clonts
  • Skai Wahl
    Skai Wahl
  • Tanner Johnson
    Tanner Johnson
  • Tyler King
    Tyler King
  • Tyra Ellison
    Tyra Ellison
  • Idol 23 Winner
    Idol 23 Winner
    Zaylie Windsor
  • Zaylie Windsor
    Zaylie Windsor
  • Marley Redford
    Marley Redford
  • Madison Partridge
    Madison Partridge
  • Kirana Reed
    Kirana Reed
  • Kamea Nelson
    Kamea Nelson
  • Judges
    Darryn Kamae, Jennifer Olson, Adam Crohn
  • Jennifer Olson
    Jennifer Olson
  • Jenny Berantine
    Jenny Berantine
  • James Clark
    James Clark
  • Hunter Chamberlin
    Hunter Chamberlin
  • Frank Adams
    Frank Adams
  • Facebook Likes Winner
    Facebook Likes Winner
    Bella Campbell
  • Ethan McBride
    Ethan McBride
  • Brianna Morris
    Brianna Morris
  • Bethany Dixson
    Bethany Dixson
  • Bella Campbell
    Bella Campbell
  • Anthony Vidales
    Anthony Vidales
  • Andy Davis
    Andy Davis
  • Adam Crohn
    Adam Crohn
  • Fourth Place Winner
    Fourth Place Winner
    Andy Davis
  • Third Place Winner
    Third Place Winner
    Kamea Nelson
  • Second Place Winner
    Second Place Winner
    Hunter Chamberlin

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