Stolen Debit Card used withdraw over $1000

A man contacted Safford police last Monday to report that his debit was being used by an unknown person. On Sunday, the man discovered that his account had only $100 and he knew if should have had well over $1,000.

The man went to his financial institution to check into the matter and when bank personnel looked at his account, they found there to be at least $1,043 of charges that had not been made by the account holder. The bank found that multiple withdrawals had been made through their ATM, so they checked the surveillance footage and confirmed that it was not the account holder who had made the withdrawals.

The man told police that his debit card had been used at multiple locations, including an ATM, which required his PIN. He said the last time he remembered using his card was on Friday, December 20, 2019. He said that he had been using cash since then, but on December 22, he checked his account and discovered there was no money left.

The man said that he had not given his PIN to anyone and nobody else should have it. He did mention, however, that he had gone to some bars on December 19, and might have given his PIN to somebody, but he couldn’t remember for sure.

He gave the police a copy of withdrawals, which had 13 transactions highlighted by bank staff as fraudulent. The investigation is ongoing.