Gila Idol 2024 Final

Winner of the 2024 season: Kamae Nelson

Kamae Nelson is presented the trophy and check for $2,000 from Michael and Annie Curtis of Trophies N Tees and Reed Richins of Double R Communications

2nd place: Bella Campbell
3rd place: Benden Wahl
4th Place: Sam Colwell
5th Place: Hunter Chamberlain


  • Olivia Jeffs
  • Adam Crohn
  • Zaylie Windsor


  • Adam Crohn, Zaylie Windsor, and Olivia Jeffs with Crossroads
  • Theresa Campbell
  • Ethan McBride
  • Jessica Kartchner
  • Pete McCormick with Crossroads
  • Crossroads

Image Gallery

  • Pete McCormick with Crossroads
    Pete McCormick with Crossroads
  • Ethan McBride
    Ethan McBride
  • Blanca Macario
    Blanca Macario
  • Cherish Lazarus
    Cherish Lazarus
  • Wyatt Knudsen
    Wyatt Knudsen
  • Jessica Kartchner
    Jessica Kartchner
  • Performing Judges
    Performing Judges
    Adam Crohn, Oliva Jeffs, Zaylie Windsor
  • Andy Davis
    Andy Davis
  • All Contestants
    All Contestants
  • Sam Colwell
    Sam Colwell
  • Hunter Chamberlain
    Hunter Chamberlain
  • Bella Campbell
    Bella Campbell
  • Lacey Bryce
    Lacey Bryce
  • Brendan Wahl
    Brendan Wahl
  • Annie Bigler
    Annie Bigler
  • Jenny Berentine
    Jenny Berentine
  • Margarita Aguilera
    Margarita Aguilera
  • Fifth Place, Hunter Chamberlain
    Fifth Place, Hunter Chamberlain
  • Fourth Place, Sam Colwell
    Fourth Place, Sam Colwell
  • Third Place, Brendan Wahl
    Third Place, Brendan Wahl
  • Second Place, Bella Campbell
    Second Place, Bella Campbell

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