Gila Idol 2022 Final

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Winner of the 2021 Season: Frank Adams

2nd place: Kamea Nelson
3rd place: Tyler King
4th place: Zaylie Windsor
5th place: Bella Campbell


  • Jessica Kartchner
  • Olivia Jeffs
  • Adam Crohn


  • Olivia Jeffs
  • Jessica Katchner
  • Adam Crohn
  • Theresa Campbell
  • Ethan McBride
  • Brianna Morris
  • Darryn Kamae

Image Gallery

  • 5th Place, Bella Campbell
    5th Place, Bella Campbell
  • 4th Place, Zaylie Windsor
    4th Place, Zaylie Windsor
  • 3rd Place, Tyler King
    3rd Place, Tyler King
  • 2nd Place, Kamea Nelson
    2nd Place, Kamea Nelson
  • 2022 Winner, Frank Adams
    2022 Winner, Frank Adams
  • Savanna Clonts
    Savanna Clonts
  • Raymond Gomez
    Raymond Gomez
  • Pete McCormick
    Pete McCormick
  • Paityn Mattice
    Paityn Mattice
  • Margarita Aguilera
    Margarita Aguilera
  • Madi Partridge
    Madi Partridge
  • Liela Bulis
    Liela Bulis
  • Kiley DeSpain
    Kiley DeSpain
  • Kamea Nelson
    Kamea Nelson
  • Olivia Jeffs and Jessica Kartchner
    Olivia Jeffs and Jessica Kartchner
  • Harley Lofgreen
    Harley Lofgreen
  • Frank Adams
    Frank Adams
  • Ethan McBride
    Ethan McBride
  • Darryn Kamae and Brian
    Darryn Kamae and Brian
  • Chelsea Bloomfield
    Chelsea Bloomfield
  • Brianna Richins
    Brianna Richins
  • Brianna Morris with Darryn and Brian
    Brianna Morris with Darryn and Brian
  • Bella Campbell
    Bella Campbell
  • Andy Davis
    Andy Davis
  • Andelisia Hernandez
    Andelisia Hernandez

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