Gila Idol 2020 Final

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Pollocks | OneAZ | Safford Bowl | Bull Pen | Morenci Club | Double R Grill |The Plank

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 season final competition was delayed for almost one year. The final was held on February 18, 2021 at the David M. Player Center for the Arts and only the contestants and two guests were allowed at the event.

Twelve of the original 20 contestants were available for the event. Instead declaring a winner and awarding the usual prized, he judges advanced all of them to the 2021 final.


  1. Cheyenne Iske
  2. Kienna Van Shaar
  3. John Tucker
  4. Paityn Mattice
  5. Sara Skinner
  6. Harley Lofgreen
  7. Brianna Richins
  8. Madeline Kamae
  9. Traci Chamberlain
  10. Frank Adams
  11. Hannah Bradley
  12. Rachel Clark

Image Gallery

  • Gila Idol 2020 Finalists
    Gila Idol 2020 Finalists
  • Brianna Richins
    Brianna Richins
  • Cheyenne Iske
    Cheyenne Iske
  • Frank Adams
    Frank Adams
  • Hannah Bradley
    Hannah Bradley
  • Harley Logreen
    Harley Logreen
  • John Tucker
    John Tucker
  • Kienna Van Shaar
    Kienna Van Shaar
  • Madeline Kamae
    Madeline Kamae
  • Paityn Mattice
    Paityn Mattice
  • Rachel Clark
    Rachel Clark
  • Sara Skinner
    Sara Skinner
  • Traci Chamberlin
    Traci Chamberlin