New Study: Gilbert is Happiest City in Arizona, Tucson is Angry

Social media seems to keep tabs of how people are feeling – especially when it comes to the city they live in. To map regional trends across America, a team of researchers at analyzed ‘happy,’ ‘sad,’ and ‘angry’ hashtags on Twitter. The team analyzed these hashtags from more than 320 million monthly users to calculate regional trends across the country. The team wanted to get an impression of how people feel in the United States and what parts of the county express the most emotion online.

Nebraska ranked at the top of the happy list with the most tweets mentioning #happy, followed by West Virginia and Michigan.

West Virginia was also the saddest state. What that means is that West Virginia residents had the most tweets mentioning #sad when compared to the total Twitter activity in the state.

New Hampshire won big as the angriest state with residents posting #angry. New Hampshire isn’t the most heavily populated state, but its residents seem prone to post about their anger on social media.

The most emotional state overall was Nebraska, where people posted the most tweets mentioning a combination of #happy, #sad, and #angry.

The happiest state in Arizona on the list is Gilbert. Tucson scored the highest #sad and #angry tweets.

The happiest time of year on Twitter is April. For every #sad tweet in April, there were 5.5 #happy tweets. August came in as the saddest month.

2:00 in the afternoon seems to be the happiest time of day and 8:00 in the morning is the saddest.

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