Juveniles believed to have torched shed south of Safford

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Paul Schulz: Safford Fire responded to a shed fire south of Safford that was apparently arson.

By Jon Johnson


GRAHAM COUNTY – As if Mount Graham burning and a recreational vehicle on fire in Pima weren’t enough, a couple of juveniles apparently thought it a fun idea to burn down an abandoned shed just south of Highway 366 (Swift Trail) on Monday afternoon. 

The Safford Fire Department was dispatched to 782 W. Mohawk Dr. at about 2:41 p.m. regarding the structure fire. The shed was in the back yard of an uninhabited property.

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Paul Schulz: A shed intentionally set on fire burns with Mount Graham still on fire in the background.

Upon arrival, the shed had pretty much burnt down to its foundation, and firefighters just made sure the fire was completely out and that it didn’t spread to any of the nearby residences or desert. The volunteer department sent two engines and a water tender to the fire. The temperature outside was about 107 degrees. 

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Paul Schulz: Safford Fire responded to the scene with two engines and a water tender.

Safford Fire Chief Clark Bingham said it appeared the shed was intentionally set on fire and that two juveniles were seen running from the area just before flames were reported.

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Paul Schulz: The temperature was roughly 107 degrees as the firefighters put out the remnants of the burnt shed.

Bingham encouraged parents to remind their children to not play with fire, especially during this extreme fire season. He also advised people who wish to set off fireworks for the fourth of July to do so safely.

“I advise against it,” Bingham said. “(But) if you’re going to light fireworks use extreme caution and have a hose or other means to put it out. If there’s any question, don’t do it.”