EAC Short-term Ecology of the Gila River class offered at EAC


Eastern Arizona College
August 4 , 2017
By Erin Larson
Short-term Ecology of the Gila River class offered at EAC
THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College is once again partnering with the University of Arizona Graham County Cooperative Extension to offer a short-term class, Ecology of the Gila River (BIO 130, section #0526), for the Fall 2017 semester.
“The Upper Gila River Watershed is intriguing with its many uses, natural resources, and issues. The class experience exposes students to this through a variety of instructors and field trips,” says Bill Brandau, Extension director and instructor for the course. “Through this experience students can gain a greater understanding and appreciation for our watershed, where our water comes from and how we use it. They learn about the local weather and climate, hydrology, geology, soils, water, wildlife and the many uses in the watershed and how they interact. Students also get to see some interesting and beautiful country on the field trips.”
The class is scheduled for September 7 through November 4, 2017, and will meet on Thursday evenings from 6-9 p.m., in the EAC Math and Science Building, Room #203. There will also be three Saturday field trips in addition to the Thursday classes.
“The Gila Watershed is full of cooperation, complexities, and conflict that many are not aware of. This class gives students a compressed exposure to many of the factors that make our Watershed function.”
For more information about Ecology of the Gila River, contact Brandau at (928) 428-2611. To register, contact the EAC Records and Registration Office at (928) 428-8270, or register online at www.eac.edu.