Woman arrested at local bank for trespassing while panhandling

SAFFORD – A woman was arrested for Trespassing 2nd Degree at OneAZ Credit Union and for a confirmed misdemeanor warrant for trespassing.

Police were called to OneAZ Credit Union on Main Street on Saturday, January 17, in reference of an unwanted female sitting on the curb near the ATM and drive thru. The woman was reportedly asking for money and making people uncomfortable as they retrieved money from the ATM.

The woman, identified as Jennifer Tarlton, had been previously trespassed from the location due to customer complaints. A records check revealed a misdemeanor warrant for trespassing. The officer asked the woman if she remembered she was no longer allowed at the bank. The woman replied that she was leaving and attempted to walk away. The officer detained her and asked her to stand by his patrol vehicle. After confirming the warrant, the officer advised her she was under arrest for the warrant and for Trespassing at the bank.

After being handcuffed and placed in the patrol vehicle the officer began emptying the contents of her backpack. Upon doing so, the officer found marijuana shake and some marijuana seeds. Due to the small amount the officer advised the woman she would not be charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia but she was booked on the Misdemeanor warrant and additionally for Trespassing 2nd Degree.

What is marijuana shake?

The simplest definition of shake might simply be the leftovers of marijuana – the pieces of leaves, stems, or segments of bud that are result of regular handling. You’re most likely to find shake at a marijuana dispensary that keeps its flower in jars. Shake collects at the bottom of the jar, the result of settling and handling the cannabis.

Shake is also a marketing term used for cannabis flower remains. This form of marijuana is sold at a discount in comparison to nuggets of flower.