Stolen car located quickly with Guardian

SAFFORD –Safford police officers responded to a call from an Arizona Dodge representative, in reference to a vehicle theft from their car lot Thursday night. They informed the police that when the last person left the lot around 6:30 pm; the dark blue Chrysler 300C was parked in the southwest corner of the front lot by the gas meter. When the employee noticed the next morning that the car was missing, they made contact with all the parties who regularly use the vehicle and they hadn’t driven the vehicle or taken it off the lot. The car had a dealer plate and the employee believed the key FOB was inside the vehicle and that it was probably unlocked. The Chrysler has a keyless vehicle start button.

The representative said he had already contacted their security company to get footage from their security cameras of the vehicle leaving the lot, and they were attempting to get a GPS location of the vehicle, via U-Connect. They were working with the Branch Manager to get validation to get the location provided by U-Connect. Safford put out a dispatch to locate the Chrysler.

However, the vehicle was equipped with the SiriusXM Guardian system. The dealer was able to file a form and receive the exact location of the Chrysler, which was located in Phoenix within minutes. While the car has been retrieved there is no current information about who took the car.