Shoplifter escapes from Walmart custody

A Safford Police Officer was dispatched to Walmart at around 6:24pm, last Friday evening, in reference to an alleged shoplifter who had taken a few items of merchandise.

When the Officer arrived, he spoke to an Asset Protection Associate who said he was informed by another Associate that two men were spotted putting shirts into two backpacks inside the store.

The Head Associate confronted one of the men and was walking him to the Security Office when the man broke away from the Associate and ran out one of the Walmart doors.

It was reported that the man was seen running eastbound on 8th Street before police arrived. The suspect, identified as Daniel Gonzales was wearing blue jeans, a black shirt with the words “Straight out of Hollywood” on it, a camouflage hat and black shoes. He had a cast on his right arm.

The Officer  drove to the Valley Motel where the man allegedly lived but did not make contact with him.

Safford Police continue to search for the shoplifter.