Safford PD receives additional $7500 for DUI enforcement

For over 15 years, the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has supported efforts of the Safford Police Department in their ongoing battle against impaired drivers. In October of last year, AZGOHS awarded the Safford Police Department $10,000.00 in overtime funding. These funds were used by Safford Officers working as part of the Eastern Arizona DUI Task Force and also those working departmental enforcement details. During this time, Safford Officers conducted 91 DUI Investigations involving both drug and alcohol use.

Recently, the AZGOHS awarded Safford Officers an additional $7500.00 to aide in their continuing DUI enforcement efforts. Safford Police Chief Joe Brugman expressed his appreciation for the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and their Director, Alberto Gutier, by stating, “It is important that our citizens and motoring public feel safe on our city’s streets and highways. The AZGOHS not only provides funding to our city, but strong support throughout our state with their DUI education and public awareness campaigns. With the combined efforts of our pro-active police force and the invaluable support we receive from AZGOHS, the Safford Police Department will continue to arrest and apprehend those who threaten our community’s safety by choosing to drive impaired.

For more information about the outstanding work the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety does for our state and local communities, visit their website at