Man says he can’t remember stealing cousins XBox

SAFFORD – A Safford police officer responded to the Copper Mountain Trailer Park in reference to the theft of an XBox last Friday morning.

Apparently a tenant there allowed his cousin to spend the night at his home. In the morning the tenant’s cousin woke up him up and asked to use his car to pick up his (the cousin’s) brother. The tenant gave the man his keys and went back to sleep. Sometime later the cousin returned and again woke the tenant. The cousin claimed that when he returned to the trailer he found the sliding glass door open and the tenant’s dog was outside. The tenant found the story suspicious because he knew that if his dog was let outside it would run away. The cousin then left and said he was going to get a ride at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Thatcher Boulevard.

The tenant went to the park office and asked to see surveillance video so he could see what happened. The video showed his cousin leaving his trailer with the tenant’s XBox at about 9:38 AM. Additional footage showed the cousin returning to the trailer and walking out with cables to the XBox.

The victim texted his cousin to bring back the XBox, but the cousin denied taking it. Later the cousin texted and said that if he did take, he didn’t remember and would pay the victim back for the XBox.

The officer checked at various businesses around town but none of the businesses had received or had any attempted trades or sales of any XBoxes.

On Monday, the officer received a call from the victim, who told the officer that he had spoken to his cousin’s mother about the incident. She told the victim that her son was going to come by to give him $350 by the end of the day. The cousin continued to claim that he had no memory of taking the game console, even thought he was willing to pay the victim for it.