Poll shows majority in favor of keeping EAC football

Jones College intercepts EAC on what is now the final play of EAC football.

A recent poll conducted by GilaValleyCentral indicates that a majority of county residents are not happy to see EAC football come to an end. Out of 660 respondents, nearly 60% say that they do not agree with EAC’s decision to end the program.

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Do you agree with Eastern Arizona College's decision to drop football?
660 votes

The decision to end football was not easy. The decision was made based on review of the potential for a viable schedule within the constraints of a responsible budget. It’s estimated that the football cost the school nearly $500,000 per year to maintain. While there are possible teams for EAC to play, there is also a possibility of added cost to the program. Would football fans be willing to keep the program if it cost them more in taxes? Please respond to the poll below:

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Would you support a tax increase to keep the EAC football program?
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