Old Time Fiddlers hold 39th annual fiddle contest

Fingers flew as bows danced to the top-tapping rhythm of the Eastern Arizona Old Time Fiddler’s 39th Annual Fiddle Contest, held February 9th-11th in the agricultural building of the Graham County Fairgrounds.  Each participant, both amateur and experienced, serenaded their audiences with handpicked hoedowns, waltzes, and tunes of choice, accompanied by skillful guitarists and/or bassists.  Listening to their tunes, it was hard not to be amazed at the talent which resides here in our valley. As first-time audience member Laural Haws remarked, “Everyone was really well rehearsed and the music was very upbeat and nice to listen to. Even the young ones were great! It was an amazing experience all together.”

Check out the videos on the Old Time Fiddler’s Facebook page: