Man walks out of Walmart with Bow, heads to Carls Jr

Safford police officers were called to Walmart last Wednesday at approximately 12:30 p.m. regarding a shoplifting incident. Dispatch stated that a male subject wearing a plaid shirt walked out of Walmart with a compound bow without paying for it. The responding officer was advised that the suspect was at Carls Jr.

The officer arrived at Carls Jr. and contacted a man matching the description dispatch had given. The officer told the man that a Walmart employee had witnessed him stealing a bow. When asked, the man admitted taking the bow.

The officer placed the man in handcuffs and searched him. A hypodermic needle was found in the man’s front pants pocket. While being questioned, the man told the officer that he was just walking around the store and saw the bow so he took it because he liked it. He picked up the bow and walked out of the store without paying.

The officer cited the man for shoplifting and released him. The bow was returned to the store.