Man accidentally sends lewd pic and video to wrong woman

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – There’s butt dialing and then there’s this.

A Morenci man was contacted by Safford Police on June 11 after allegedly sending pornographic material of himself to another man’s wife on accident.

The victim’s husband informed police about the incident and said his wife received a text message at about 3 a.m. from an unknown man who had sent a picture of his genitalia and a video of him performing a sex act on himself.

Later that morning, the officer called the phone number associated with the text and spoke to a man from Morenci. The man said the incident was an honest mistake as he had accidentally transposed the last two digits of his girlfriend’s phone number, whom the text was meant to be sent.

The officer informed the victim’s husband of the error to alleviate any worry about possibly receiving any more photos or videos in the future.