Law office to be newest inhabitant of remodeled building

Brooke Curley Photo/Gila Valley Central: An old building is getting a face lift to become a law office.

SAFFORD – A man can wear many hats, but a building can have many faces.

What started off as a feed store at 1717 W. Thatcher Blvd will now be home to the Law Office of Channen Day, P.C.

Once filled with saddle supplies, salt blocks and livestock feed, the smell of leather and hay is but a distant memory. After its incantation as a feed store, the building’s most recent use was to house the Opportunity for Recovery mental health service. With a colorful painting on its front window, the building continued to work for its owners in the shape it was.

Now, however, the old building is getting a remodel. With a new metal roof and brand new siding in the works, it is getting a beauty makeover.

In addition to an office in Clifton, Day also currently has an office at 202 W. 5th St., adjacent to U.S. Highway 70. However, the law firm will be moving its entire office to the new location as soon as construction is completed.

Day said the move to the new site was a matter of space necessity.

“We’ve been looking in Safford for office space that would suit our needs,” Day said, “We knew that the building located at 1717 West Thatcher Boulevard had great potential but it needed some TLC.  We approached the former owner and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and then we bought the building a few months ago.”

The building has a large amount office space, and the interior will be completely demolished and renovated. The roof of the building has been replaced as well as the windows and doors. Day says that there will be landscaping added to the location as well as signs and a new sidewalk. The luxurious interior space will be turned into conference rooms, a trial preparation room, office suites, kitchen, break room and a staff exercise room.

“The idea in acquiring this new building was to have the office space match what we believe we provide in terms of uniquely excellent client service,” Day said.”We think the new office space will allow us to provide enhanced service experience and will enable us to expand our client service offerings in addition to what we already do.”

Day said the new space is to make the clients and staff more comfortable. Construction should be nearly complete by the end of September, and the new office should be ready to have its doors open by early October, according to Day.

“We will be celebrating for the rest of the year being in this new office space,” Day said. “We are really thrilled.”

Nate Buhr of B&T Construction is in charge of the remodel, and multiple contractors are being utilized to finish the job.