Juveniles responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damage

SAFFORD – Last Monday and Tuesday, authorities received almost a dozen reports of criminal damage being done involving a BB gun. As officer’s attempted to locate the individuals responsible, they received information that a juvenile had been seen with a BB gun recently. Detectives contacted the juvenile’s parents. They, with their child, cooperated in speaking with authorities about the incidents of the broken windows. According to the police report, the juvenile reported the BB gun was at their house. The juvenile stated to detectives the course of events happened as follows:

On Monday, around 5:00pm, the juvenile was with other juveniles. One of them shot the window of a S.U.V. out by the Credit Union on Main Street. One of them shot the window of an older car in the “flats” area of the bowling alley. One of the juveniles then shot the window of a law office on 8th Avenue. One of them then shot the window out and broke the side window and windshield of 2 UPS trucks on 6th Avenue. They were then walking in the area of the LDS church on 20th Street and shot out a window on the church. They started walking north on Central Avenue and shot the back window of a patrol car twice, but the window didn’t break. The juveniles continued walking and one shot out the passenger window of a pickup truck on Central Avenue. They all went back to a house in the area, and then two of them walked to Circle K. Two other juveniles then walked to the area of Relation and Central Avenue and one of them shot the windshield, left side window and back window of a Jays Construction van parked in the area. The juveniles then walked back to Circle K to meet up with the other two juveniles.

The probation department was contacted but the juvenile was not on probation at that time. Detectives went to the residence to retrieve the BB gun pistol, along with the container of BBs and Co2 cartridges. They were placed into evidence. On Thursday, authorities were informed that one of the juveniles involved was currently on probation. After speaking with the juvenile, who reportedly admitted to being involved with the shooting incidents, the juvenile was taken into custody, placed in handcuffs, and transported to the Juvenile Probation Office.