Inmate escapes from ASPC-Safford

A prisoner has allegedly escaped from ASPC-Safford and is on the lam.

By Jon Johnson

SAN JOSE – Authorities are searching for an inmate who has escaped from the Graham Unit of Arizona State Prison Complex-Safford in San Jose. ASPC-Safford is roughly 10 miles east of the city of Safford.

A call to the prison yielded a beehive of activity, but nobody was able or willing to corroborate that an inmate was missing or give a name or description to alert the surrounding community.  

A captain at Graham Unit said he could “not comment at this time.”

However, Gila Valley Central has received multiple corroborations from other sources indicating that a prisoner is indeed missing.

Reportedly, a K-9 Unit has been dispatched to search for the fugitive prisoner.

The Arizona Department of Corrections uses a score classification system to assess inmates’ appropriate custody and security level placement from 1-minimum security to 5-maximum security. Inmates housed at Graham Unit are classified as a custody level 2-minimum security.

Gila Valley Central will update this article when possible.