Health care in Pima gets Council’s help

Brian Paull, owner and pharmacist of Palo Verde Pharmacy, said he and his wife, a nurse-practitioner, plan to open a health-care clinic in Pima, but he need an exemption from the state to fill prescriptions from his wife. He received support from the Town Council in his effort. - David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central

PIMA — The owner of Pima’s newest business is asking for assistance to expand health-care options in the community.

Brian Paull, owner and pharmacist of Palo Verde Pharmacy, said he and his wife have a plan to expand the operation.

Currently, Pima resident must travel a minimum of eight miles to receive health care. Paull said his wife, Angela, is a nurse-practitioner and the couple plan to open a clinic adjacent to the pharmacy, enabling Pima residents to get care and fill prescriptions in a single visit.

However, state law prohibits a prescriber from profiting from the filling of prescriptions.

Paull said the Arizona Board of Pharmacy can grant an exemption and he spoke for the Town Council Tuesday, seeking the council’s help.

“Our legal counsel has told us that signatures from the Town Council, Mayor and whatnot has a lot of weight in swaying the board members’ minds and allowing that variance,” Paull said.

The Town Council voted unanimously to support Paull’s effort and sign a letter of support. Paull said at the pharmacy there is a petition asking for the exemption that residents can also sign.