FBI investigating officer-involved shooting in Bylas

The FBI is investigating an officer-involved shooting in Bylas by the San Carlos Apache Police Department.

High-speed pursuit ends with suspect shot multiple times

By Jon Johnson


BYLAS – A high-speed pursuit throughout Bylas ended Tuesday when the suspect was shot multiple times by the San Carlos Apache Police.

The FBI is investigating the incident.

The high-speed chase ended with the shooting of the suspect multiple times.

An officer was also allegedly injured while extricating the Native American suspect from the vehicle. The officer reportedly was cut by broken glass and was treated at a reservation facility.

The suspect was treated at the scene by San Carlos EMS and then reportedly was taken to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center. Due to the circumstances, in this case, the hospital was not able to acknowledge or confirm anything about the suspect or that he was even brought to the facility, according to MGRMC Director of Marketing and Media Relations Ryan Rapier.

What is known is that the SCPD had a high-speed pursuit throughout Bylas that ended in the suspect being shot multiple times and that the Arizona Department of Public Safety assisted with traffic control at the scene.

San Carlos EMS reportedly treated the suspect at the scene and transported him to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center. The suspect’s condition has not been released as of Wednesday afternoon.

The SCPD has not returned Gila Valley Central’s calls.

Glenn Milnor, FBI Special Agent Media Coordinator for the Phoenix Field Office, told Gila Valley Central that while his department had been working on getting some details of the case released, the United States Department of Justice Offices of the United States Attorneys requested all inquiries be referred to its office due to it being an active investigation.

Cosme Lopez, Public Affairs Officer for the Offices of the United States Attorneys – District of Arizona, confirmed the shooting as an active investigation and that more details would be forthcoming.

“Right now, we’re not making any comments,” Lopez said. “We don’t want anything we say or don’t say to have any effect on the defendant’s end or the shooting or any of the officers involved. We want to make sure we give everybody a level playing field.”

“Any comment that we have, we’ll say it after we’re done with this, but right now we really don’t have any official comment.”

Gila Valley Central will continue to provide updated information regarding this case when possible.