EA tops in Arizona for nursing

Nursing Students

THATCHER — RegisteredNursing.org put out its rankings of best schools in Arizona for nursing programs, and Eastern Arizona College tops the list.

RegisteredNursing.org ranked the schools based on “pass rates,” meaning how many students will pass the NCLEX-RN nursing exam. With a score of 99.12, EAC is ahead of second-place Estrella Mountain Community College, with a score of 96.43. Third is the Arizona College of Nursing with a score of 96.3.

NCLEX-RN pass rates were analyzed from 2021 and going back up to five years. Then the pass rates were averaged together and weighted by the recency of the exam — pass rates in 2021 count more towards overall ranking than scores from 2017.

It’s the seventh year RegisteredNursing.org has put out its list of top-performing nursing programs in the state.

The rankings can be seen at https://www.registerednursing.org/state/arizona/#show.