DES, Lyft offering free rides for those in need

Lyft and Arizona Department of Economic Security have partnered to offer the Ride United Initiative, providing up to six free rides to residents in need. - Alexandr Podvalny Photo/Pexels

SAFFORD —The Arizona Department of Economic Security and Lyft have combined to overcome transportation issues for certain residents in 31 cities across the state, including Safford.

The Ride United Initiative will provide at no cost up to six rides for those 18 and older for specific services, including:

● Non-emergency medical, such as trips to dental or vision appointments, trips to the VA, trips home upon discharge from the hospital, and medical and vaccination appointments

● Job interviews, or to complete pre-employment paperwork and fingerprinting

● To get food from a local pantry, or to apply for WIC or SNAP benefits

● Trips to apply for Medicaid/CHIP benefits, applications for housing benefits, for financial counseling or tax preparation

● Trips to education classes or trainings, as well as parent and/or guardian engagement

A ride is considered one way, and round-trip services count as two trips. All rides must be a reasonable distance.

To determine if a destination is eligible as a free ride from Lyft, call 2-1-1.