Free Seminar: How to avoid burnout

Eastern Arizona College Small Business Development Center invites to attend…

How To Avoid Burnout

and help others succeed!

FREE Webinar

Presenter: Charmaine Chidester, SBDC Counselor

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 from 10:00 – 11:30 AM

Being part of the STP (Same Ten People) in your hometown can be taxing. You serve on multiple committees, volunteer, and work in addition to running a household. While you enjoy being involved in your community, inevitably, you start to burn out. While time management tools can help keep us organized, what keeps us motivated and engaged?

Join us to learn what successful people are doing to avoid burnout and find the ever elusive “balance” in life. If you are telling yourself there is no time for this webinar, that is affirmation that you need this more than anyone! Please join us!

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Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • How personality types tie directly into success or burnout
  • How to regain your free time and find more enjoyment in your commitments
  • How to make yourself a better leader and engage your paid or unpaid workforce

Charmaine Chidester is the presenter at this webinar. For the last seven years Chidester has worked at the EAC Small Business Development Center as a business counselor. She has volunteered several years on the charter school board, as a coach to several sports, cub scout leader, and various community groups. Avoiding burning out is one of her main hobbies.