2018 General Election Results – Graham County

A candidate forum will be held at Eastern Arizona College on Sept. 27 at 6 p.m.

Graham County residents went to the polls Tuesday, and cast their votes for the candidates of their choice.

Out of 22 precincts in the county, there were 8,377 votes cast; 6,362 votes were early votes.

The race for U.S. Senator, Martha McSally won big in Graham County.

She posted 5,546 votes to Kirsten Sinema’s 2,397 votes.

For U.S. Representative for District #1, in Graham County, Wendy Rogers was the winner with 5,534 votes to incumbent Tom O’Halleran’s 2,661 votes. O’Halleran, however, won the election.

Incumbent Governor Doug Ducey won big in Graham County, receiving 6,298 votes to David Garcia’s 1,764 votes.

David Gowan continued his voting power in for Senator in District 14 and in Graham County by defeating Jaime Alvarez 5,687 to 2,340.

Gail Griffin and Becky Nutt were the two big winners in Graham County for State Representatives in District #14.

For Secretary of State, Steve Gaynor received 5,705 votes and was the winner in Graham County over Democrat Katy Hobbs receiving 2,481 votes.

For the seat of Attorney General, Mark Brnovich received 5,886 votes in Graham County to January Contreras’s 2,200 votes.

Kimberly Yee was the winner in Graham County with 5,924 votes, Frank Riggs is the new Supervisor of Public Instruction, and Joe Hart won as Mine Inspector in Graham County.

On the local election front: 

Cindy Woodman received 4,689 votes to Heidi Torrio’s 3,482 votes to win Graham County Clerk of the Court.

Judge Gary Griffith will continue as Justice of the Peace in Precinct #1,

Wyatt Palmer will continue as Justice of the Peace in Precinct #2, and Michael Peterson will continue and Graham County Superior Court Judge.

The vote for 5 propositions: 

Proposition 125 was defeated.

Proposition 126 was passed in Graham County.

Proposition 127 did not pass in Graham County.

Proposition 305 did not pass – and Proposition 306 did pass in Graham County.