Youth Art Show at the Little Art Gallery

Emma Harrison's "Dietrich" won Best of Show at the 2019 Youth Art Show.

The Art Guild of Eastern Arizona is hosting its 5th Annual Youth Art Show at the Little Art Gallery in Thatcher. The show will run until April 26, 2019 and features young artists from 11 to 18 years of age.

The showcase features 75 entries from 25 youth artists. The entries were adjudicated and in addition to winning ribbons, cash prizes were also awarded. First place winners received $20.00. Second place received $15.00, third place entries received $10.00 and honorable mention received $5.00. All of the participants received an art kit.

A reception was held last night to honor the young artists and showcase their work.

The showcase is available for viewing until April 26, 2019 at:

The Little Art Gallery
3915 W Main Street
Thatcher, AZ 85552

Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Tuesday – Saturday

Youth Art Show Winners

11 – 15 Age Category:

First Place

Emily Sampson – “Mazie”
Maggie Brown – “A Butterfly Sunset”
Lily Williams – “Flowers”
Scout Dolan – “Owl”

Second Place

Laney Lamoreaux – “The Fall Tree”
Kate Rapier – “Killer Whale”
Aevah Rios – “Sweetheart”
Jodyn Hatch – “Flower”

Third Place

Emily Sampson – “Ballerina”
Trinity Ellison – “Storm Trooper
Maggie Brown – “Aspens in Fall”
Erin Waters – “The Girl with Glitter”
Scout Dolan – “Dandelion”

Honorable Mention

Kate Rapier – “On the Dock”
Laney Lamoreaux – “Midnight Owl”

16 – 19 Age Category:

Best of Show – Emma Harrison “Deitrich”

First Place

Jenny Griffin – His Majesty” & “Pug-Face”
Breeane Ellett – “Secret Sorrows”
Hannah Spiller – “Japanese Garden”
Emma Harrison – “Mochi”

Second Place

Sydney Robbins – “Mediterranean Dreams”
Alissa Terry – “Fuzzball in Snow”
Taylor Ellett – “Retro Microphone”
Tatum Starbuck – “Freedom”
Hailey Backman – “Giraffe”
Hanna R. Hatch – “Happy Easter”

Third Place

Hanna Hatch – “Hidden Valley”
Jenny Griffin – “Sisters”
Hanna Spiller – “Drowning”
Katlin Willis – “Point Butterfly”
Tatum Starbuck – “Rose”
Emma Harrison – “Violin Still Life”
Wesley Pena – “Fire Hydrant”
Lily Williams – “Drawing”
Lily Randell – “Tranquil”

Honorable Mention

Taylor Ellett – “Baby Baepsae”

  • Mazie
    Emily Sampson
  • A Butterfly Sunset
    A Butterfly Sunset
    Maggie Brown
  • Flowers
    Lily Williams
  • Owl
    Scout Dolan
  • His Majesty
    His Majesty
    Jenny Griffin
  • Pug Face
    Pug Face
    Jenny Griffin
  • Secret Sorrows
    Secret Sorrows
    Breeane Ellett
  • Japanese Garden
    Japanese Garden
    Hannah Spiller
  • Mochi
    Emma Harrison