Woman reports vehicle stolen by her son

Safford Police were dispatched to the Best Western Motel on Highway 70, at around 1:07pm, last Sunday, when a woman who works at the Best Western realized that her vehicle was missing.

The woman told Police that her 21-year-old son had asked her to borrow her car and she said no. She kept telling him no until she had to get back to work. The next thing she knew, she looked up and her vehicle was gone from the parking lot.

The mom called police to report it and said she wanted to press charges. She mom told authorities that her son has burned all of his bridges with all of his family and friends because of his drug use. As the officers were filling out their reports, the son pulled up to the Best Western Motel in his mother’s vehicle. Two Safford officers went over to the son and began questioning him about taking his mother’s vehicle without permission. They told him that his mother wanted to press charges, handcuffed the man, and placed him in a patrol vehicle.

The officers took the mother’s keys back to her and she asked if the officers would search her vehicle in case there were any drugs inside. Authorities searched her vehicle and found a straw used to ingest drugs.

The son booked for unlawful use of means of transportation.