Woman reports suspicious activity but there’s no evidence to support her claim

A Graham County Sheriff Deputy was dispatched to an area south of Safford on Thursday at approximately 10:30 PM to check into a report of suspicious activity at a residence. The reporting party said that her sister was home alone at a residence on Armory Road and that there were people at the residence stealing things. Dispatch advised the responding deputy that the reporting party did not know the address of the residence, but described the location and home. She also refused to provide a phone number for her sister.

When the deputy arrived at the residence he was unable to locate anyone except for the reporting party’s sister – the alleged victim. She told the deputy that a woman had been at the residence and had taken some gas out of an R.V. and some hand tools that were in the area.

The woman had reportedly been drinking and was slurring her words and rambling about things.

The deputy checked the area and was unable to see any signs that hand tools were in the area or had been taken. He also looked around the fuel cap of the R.V. and was unable to locate any footprints to indicate that someone had been in the area and siphoned gas out of the R.V.

The woman told the deputy that that she had taken pictures of the alleged thieves on her phone and offered the phone to the deputy to look at them. According to the police report, there were no photos on the phone of anyone taking gas or stealing tools, or even in the area of the alleged crime.

The deputy made contact with the property owner by telephone who confirmed that he had given permission for a worker to stay on the property but he did not know the woman that was staying with him. Once the deputy confirmed that the woman was not trespassing he told the woman that he would document the incident and invited her to contact the Sheriff’s office if she had any further problems.