Woman caught going 70 in 55mph area asked to complete Drug Evaluation

SAFFORD –  Last Monday, March 18th, just before 6:30 pm a white truck traveling West was seen by an officer heading East on Highway 70. The truck appeared to be traveling faster than the posted 55 mile per hour speed limit. The officer confirmed the vehicles speed at 70 miles per hour with the police radar. After the officer turned around and got behind the truck while activating the emergency lights, the truck continued to travel approximately 1 mile before finally coming to a stop on Norton Road and Shiflet Avenue.

After the vehicle was stopped, the officer contacted the female driver who appeared to be acting very abnormal. The woman was yelling and cussing and experiencing major mood swings while some things she was saying to the officer didn’t make sense.

After dispatch informed the officer of the status of the woman’s license, the woman stated she knew her license had be suspended and was on her way to Phoenix to fix it. Due to the woman’s actions and demeanor, the officer believed she was under the influence of some type of substance. The woman agreed to submit to a series of field sobriety tests. After failing several parts of the test, the woman was asked to complete a portable breath test but she refused.

The officer then placed the woman under arrest for DUI. The vehicle was towed while the woman was transported to the Safford Police Department. A trooper with the Arizona Department of Public Safety came to complete a Drug Recognition Evaluation on the woman. It was then determined the woman was experiencing effects of prescription medication combined with alcohol. The woman then consented to give a blood sample. Afterwards, the officer assisted the woman in retrieving some belongings from her vehicle and was given a ride to the Comfort Inn Hotel where she got a room to stay the night.