Four Illegal Aliens Including Juvenile in Trunk Discovered in Failed Smuggling Attempt

TUCSON, Ariz. – A Willcox Border Patrol agent arrested an Arizona couple Saturday morning after discovering four illegal aliens in their vehicle during an immigration stop along Interstate 10 in Cochise County.

An agent patrolling rural roads near Benson, conducted an immigration inspection on the occupants of a Lexus sedan in an area historically used by human smugglers in eastern Arizona. Upon questioning the three visible occupants of the vehicle, the agent determined the rear seat passenger, a Mexican National man (51), was in the United States illegally, and subsequently arrested.

The male driver and female passenger, both 27-year-old United States Citizens from Phoenix were arrested under human smuggling charges. During a search of the vehicle, agents also discovered and arrested three additional illegal aliens concealed in the trunk, including a 31 year-old Mexican male, a 43 year-old Guatemalan male, and an unaccompanied Mexican juvenile.

Both United States citizens are facing federal smuggling charges and will remain in custody pending a disposition in their case. The four illegal aliens, two of whom have been previously removed from the United States, will be processed for immigration violations.

As temperatures continue to rise, Border Patrol officials warn that Arizona’s high temperatures can kill humans riding in the trunk of a car. Other dangers include carbon monoxide poisoning and the risk of serious injury or death from a vehicle collision.