Walmart cashier assaulted

SAFFORD – A 17-year-old cashier at Walmart was reportedly assaulted last Friday evening by customers at the register. The victim told authorities that she was standing on the outside of her cashier counter, cleaning the merchandise belt at her register. When some customers came through her line to pay, she tried to get back to her register but there were some customers in the way. The cashier said, “excuse me,” and a female customer who was checking out at another register grabbed her hair and was trying to pull her down. A second woman had to come to get the woman to let go.

The victim said that she thinks the woman who pulled her hair might be “special needs.” After the woman let go of her hair, both women walked out of the store. The victim said that she wanted to press charges.

The officer reviewed video of the incident and could see what happened but could not identify the woman who assaulted the employee.

The case is pending further investigation and identification of the two women.