Vicious Dogs Removed From Vacant Property

For illustration only. Not the actual dogs.

Animal Control was dispatched to 6th Avenue in Safford to remove some dogs that had been abandoned on the property. The owner of the property contacted police last Wednesday to request removal of the animals. The former tenant moved out and left his pit bull dogs chained up. The property owner said that he has no contact information for the former tenant, who he thinks may be going to prison.

According to the police report, the dogs are vicious toward each other and had to be separated by a divider while being transported to the pound. The dogs still attacked each other through the divider on the way to the pound and tore up each other’s faces enough to leave blood everywhere.

At the pound the two Pit Bulls were put in separate cages, so they couldn’t get at each other. The dogs reportedly became aggressive toward the official who was trying to transport them to the pound. The dogs had to be handled with a catch pole to prevent them from attacking the handler.

The dogs are so aggressive and vicious that the owner will likely be cited for having aggressive dogs and abandoning them.