Three new COVID-19 cases in Pima, Thatcher

- David Bell Graph/Gila Valley Central

SAFFORD — Tuesday was a relatively quiet day in the Gila Valley when it comes to coronavirus.

Graham County Health Department announced just three new cases of COVID-19 Tuesday, two in Pima and one in Thatcher.

That brings Graham County’s total to 898, with 148 of the cases considered active. There have been 26 deaths.

The group seeing the greatest number of cases continues to be those 20 to 44 years old, with 381 cases, more than double the next closest group — 181 cases  in those 20-years-old and younger.

Those 65 and older have experienced 141 cases, followed by 101 cases in those 45 to 54 years old, and 92 cases in those 55 to 64 years old.

Greenlee County is on its fourth day with no new cases.

The county is holding at 60 cases with two active. There have also been two deaths.