Tax Prep Service paid with fake $100 Bill

A Safford business contacted the police to report that a customer paid for services with a counterfeit $100 bill. Unfortunately, the business owners weren’t sure which customer handed them the fake bill. The bill was passed sometime between February 13th and 15th. Approximately six customers paid with cash within that time frame and they weren’t sure which one passed the fake bill.

According to the police report, the counterfeit bill was printed on normal paper and had a sharp crease down the middle of the paper, which real currency does not do. There were no water marks on the bill and the blue band that runs through a real $100 bill was obviously printed and not a separate piece that runs through the bill. It was also larger than a real $100 bill.

Later, the business owner provide the names of three people who paid with a $100 bill during that time frame. Police are following leads and attempting to find additional information relating to the suspects.