Second annual holistic health and wellness conference set for Saturday

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Wendy Skinner: Attendees of the 2016 Health and Wellness Conference participate in a lecture.

By Brooke Curley

THATCHER – As a day of education for a donation to a good cause, the second annual Holistic Wellness Conference promises not to disappoint.

This year’s holistic wellness conference will be at the Eastern Arizona College (EAC) Activities center on Saturday, April 22. Attendees are encouraged to arrive at 8:30 a.m., so they may meet and mingle with the many vendors before classes and presentations begin. Attendees are encouraged to give a $5 donation at the door.

Wendy Skinner, co-creator of the event, told Gila Valley Central that there will be door prizes this year in addition to the many classes and vendors.

“There will be 12 classes, and over 20 vendors,” Skinner said. “This year we will give away five door prizes in between classes. The door prizes are being offered by the vendors. The grand door prize, which is an iPad mini, will be given away at the end of the conference. There will be massage therapists, a Feng Shui practitioner (and an) essential oil specialist. ”

Contributed Photo/Courtesy Wendy Skinner: Co-creater of the conference, Wendy Skinner, left, visits with attending specialists at last year’s conference.

The conference will include local speakers presenting topics ranging from Yoga, Massage Therapy, Wellness Coaching and much more. With only a $5 donation, all of this information is designed for easy of public access. All the money collected at the conference through ticket donations will be given to the Eastern Arizona Nursing Program for its humanitarian trip to Honduras. Dr. Kenny Goodman will be presenting the keynote address. Other speakers at the conference will include Dr. Christensen, Kally Efros, Alissa Stockton, Wendy Skinner, Doug Grant, Marsha Petitt, Margo Henrie, Kathy Wright, Skinner and Larissa Reed.

Michelle Garfield is a foot zone practitioner and is on the committee with Skinner to host this year’s conference.  She said the aim of the conference was education.

“The purpose of this conference is to educate the community and bring awareness to the many different natural healing modalities available in our community – to give people the tools to take charge of their health,” Garfield said. “We think it’s very important to have that support and feeling of community when it comes to health. We all need to be connected and we are stronger when we feel supported. Being healthy is hard in today’s world. We hope to provide inspiration and motivation to do it anyway and, hopefully, find some people that will support your efforts along the way.”




Yoga & Chi Gong

Overcoming Depression & Anxiety

The Power of Thoughts & Words

Essential Oils

Energy Healing

Foot Zoning

Overcoming Addictions

Massage Therapy

Food as Medicine

Allergy Clearing

Chiropractic Benefits

Functional and Holistic Medicine


Fitness & Health

Wellness and Life Coaching

Gluten Free and Sugar Free food

All natural lotions and soaps

Herbs in the Gila Valley


Hannah Keir, a massage therapist and owner of Touch of Heart Massage Therapy, participated in last year’s conference. Keir said she appreciates the conference because it showcases individuals within the community who are bettering their health through natural holistic solutions.

“There are so many people in this area that want to have better health and know that the way to accomplish it is through holistic and natural health,” Keir said. “It was so exciting to see so many people who wanted to share what they are doing with others.”


Beginning at 8:30 a.m., the conference will consist of a lunch break, multiple speakers, classes and vendors. The conference will end at 3 p.m.

Schedule of classes and lectures in this year’s Holistic Wellness Conference

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