Safford High School Football Parking: Be mindful of construction areas

Safford High School is set to host their first football game on the season on Friday night. However, there is major construction taking place a the high school and there are restrictions on where you can park and walk.

The gate off of 20th Ave. will be open but there will be limited parking near the tennis courts with a LONG walk around, due to no walking through construction zones.

Parking on SHS campus will be in the NORTH Student Parking Lot. There is NO access to the south lot.

The ONLY entrance into the STADIUM will be through the NORTH gate. We ask that you PLEASE be safe, and follow laws when parking on the streets. Please give yourself some extra time to park and get into the game.

Safford Bulldog News Network produced the video posted below to help you see exactly where you can and cannot park: