Republicans up, Democrats down in Graham, Greenlee counties

PHOENIX — The results of the 2020 national election seem to have no impact on how voters choose a political party in Graham and Greenlee counties.

According to voter registration data released last week by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, Republicans gained 151 new voters in Graham County between the November 2020 election and January 2021, climbing to 9,950.

Republicans also added 27 new voters to 1,792 in Greenlee County during the same time period.

Meanwhile Democrats showed losses in both counties. In Graham County, Democrats dropped nine to 5,109, and in Greenlee County the Democrats fell 14 to 1,670.

Those choosing no party stayed relatively flat in Graham County, going from 4,816 in November to 4,826 in January. In Greenlee County, independents climbed 30 to 1,405.

Statewide, Republicans gained 11,550 new voters to 1.52 million in January, while Democrats gained just 2,081 to 1.38 million. Independents rose 5,233 to 1.36 million.