Positive COVID-19 in Graham County climbs to nine

SAFFORD — Three more people have tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend, bringing Graham County’s total to nine positive cases since the start of the pandemic.

The Graham County Health Department made the announcement Sunday evening.

The three newest cases were discovered during the investigation into contacts by the two people who tested positive last Wednesday, April 22. Those two also led to two other positives Thursday, April 23, creating a total of seven from the same cluster.

One of that cluster has been hospitalized, the other six are quarantined at home.

The Health Department said it continues to identify those who have been in contact with any of the positive cases in the cluster and placing those people in quarantine until cleared by the Health Department.

Of the nine positive cases — the two identified in March have fully recovered — one is a teenager, four are 35-45 years old and four are 65 or older. All of the cases are located in either Pima or Safford.

The San Carlos Apache Tribe in Graham and Gila counties, which has implemented stringent social distancing regulations, has had no positive cases thus far. The tribe has tested 196 members with 187 coming back negative and nine test results pending.

Greenlee County has tested 85 thus far, with two positives and one test result still pending. Both of the people who tested positive have fully recovered.