Arizona ranks among worst states for unemployment support

Arizona has one of the least supportive unemployment systems according to The employment website conducted an analysis of unemployment systems in all 50 states and found Arizona to the the fourth worst state in the nation in terms of support for the unemployed.

Southern states dominated the top ten list with Florida ranked as the worst, followed by South Carolina, Louisiana and Arizona. A record-breaking 26 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past 5 weeks. While the federal government has extended unemployment benefits and offered a weekly stipend, the administration of unemployment benefits are handled at the state level.

For the study, Zippia ranked state’s unemployment systems on three factors:

  • Maximum weekly benefits
  • Maximum weeks of benefits
  • Percent of unemployed actually receiving benefits

Not counting the federal payout for COVID-19, Arizona has the second lowest benefit cap in the nation at just $240 per week. Unemployment for the state hovers around 19.70%.

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