Pima big Splash Bash is Saturday

People flipped head over heels at the 2017 Big Splash Bash at the Pima Pool. - Gila Valley Central Photo

PIMA — The fund-raising effort for construction of a new Pima Fire station continues, with the Big Splash Bash taking place at the town pool this Saturday.

“I’d like to invite the community to come and support that,” said Assistant Chief Daryl Weech. “The helicopter will be landing at 4:14-4:30, and after that, we’ll have our apparatus there.”

The Big Splash Bash then begins immediately thereafter, running until 9 p.m., with music, food, raffles and games, including the big splash competition. Donations are welcome.

Weech added that the Fire Department will host an open house at the station Tuesday, Aug. 30, so the public can witness first-hand the need for a new station.

The current smaller size of the station inflates costs for the department due to having to special order smaller engines. Also the current fire station experiences flooding during rains.

Once funding is achieved, the plan is to tear down the existing station and build the new station at the same location. The library would then relocate to a new, larger building closer to the schools and the current library building would be used to store additional Fire Department equipment.