Man’s truck shot at Pima range

By Jon Johnson

GRAHAM COUNTY – A man found himself in a poor spot at a popular shooting area south of Pima on Saturday, Sept. 23, and reported his truck being hit by a bullet.

According to a Graham County Sheriff’s Office report, the man was at what is known as the Pima Shooting area in the desert south of the Vard Lines Memorial Roping Arena when his truck was struck.

He said he had driven his truck down off a hill into a low spot and retrieved a soda from his driver’s side rear passenger area and left the rear door ajar.

The man said he was walking around about 50 yards south of his truck when he heard a gunshot that appeared very close due to how loud it was. He then heard another shot and hid to avoid being hit, according to his statement to police.

After a little while, the man said he heard an ATV drive from the area at a normal speed. Afterward, he returned to his truck and located a bullet hold in the door.

The officer examined the truck and noticed what appeared to be a bullet hole that started in the interior and went through the exterior in a downward angle and likely into the ground. Since the deputy met the man at the roping arena, he did not examine the ground to look for the bullet at the shooting area.

The deputy informed the man that the case would be documented and if any information turned up on who did the shooting he would be notified.