Man stopped for speeding arrested for DUI and drug possession

A Safford police officer on patrol Saturday morning at approximately 2:00 AM observed a truck about 2 blocks ahead of him on Highway 70 that seemed to be traveling above the speed limit of 35 MPH. The officer increased his speed to catch up to the truck, which was traveling eastbound on Highway 70 near 1st Avenue. The officer increased his speed to 45 MPH but did not seem to be getting closer to the truck. The officer confirmed the truck’s speed at 45 MPH by radar and activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop. The truck accelerated to 51 MPH before pulling over.

When the officer approached the truck he could smell a strong alcohol odor coming from inside the truck. The driver had blood shot, watery eyes. The officer asked how much the man had to drink and he said, “not that much.” When the officer asked him to clarify his answer he said,”about two.”

The officer asked the man to exit his vehicle and step up onto the sidewalk by the officer’s patrol vehicle. The man submitted to some field sobriety tests, which indicated a moderate degree of intoxication. The officer asked if the man would take a portable breath test but the man refused.

The officer placed the man under arrest and handcuffed him. The man hesitated when asked if he had anything illegal in his possession. The man said that he didn’t have any needles.

The officer located a glass vial in the man’s left front pocket that contained a white, powdery substance. The man admitted that it was cocaine and said that he had used it about 30 minutes prior.

The man was transported to the Safford Police Department for processing and blood draw. He was released to a sober party. He is facing charges of DUI and drug possession.