Man Attacked when he opens apartment door

Safford police were called to the Peppertree Apartments last Saturday at approximately 5:11 p.m., in response to a man who had allegedly been beaten by his former stepson.

When the officer arrived, he noticed that the victim had a red bump on both his left and right cheek. His mouth was bleeding inside, but he refused to have medical attention.

The man told authorities that he lives alone. He heard a knock at his door and opened it to find his former stepson and another man at the door. The victim said that his ex-stepson has been in prison for child molestation and he hadn’t seen him for 10 to 15 years.

As soon as the victim opened the door, his former stepson immediately started punching him saying, “Remember when you used to hit me?” The attacker allegedly punched the man several times in the head. The man with ex-stepson apparently picked up a chair was was going to hit the victim with it, but the victim ran from his apartment into the hallway of the apartment complex. The attacker followed him and began punching him again and pushed him into the door of another apartment. Several other tenants heard the fight and opened their doors to see what was going on.

A witness said that they saw the ex-stepson punch the victim at least twice before leaving. The alleged attacker apparently came back running after the witness as if he was going to attack her, but stopped and left the complex.

Authorities are currently looking for the suspect.