Man arrested after being found passed out in water heater closet

A Safford couple called authorities Sunday morning to report that an unknown man was passed out in their hot water closet. When officers arrived, the couple showed them a ceramic fountain that was broken on their back porch. The couple said that when they noticed the broken pot on their back porch, they thought that wind must have knocked it over. Then they noticed blood and a black baseball cap near the fountain. The blood was apparently fresh, so the home owner began looking around the house. When he opened the door to the hot water closet, he found a man passed out on the floor and called police.

The officers went to the closet and woke the man up. They asked him his name but he didn’t answer. The officers waited until the man stood up and asked his name again. The officers reported that the man smelled strongly of alcohol. He was unsteady on his feet. He had a scrape on his nose and blood by his ear and on his cheek. An ambulance was called to the scene.

Officers escorted the man to the front of the house and had him sit on the front porch. They asked his name multiple times and each time he would answer that he did not have to tell them his name or that they already knew his name so he was not going to tell them. At one point, the officers told him that they needed his name to make sure that he got home safely. Again, he said that he did not have to tell them his name. The man told them that his ID was in his wallet and kept pointing to his pocket. The officers checked his pocket and could not find a wallet. Then he told them that his ID was in the back of his phone. The officers opened his phone case and did not see his ID.

The man then told the officers that the residence was his mother’s house. A couple of minutes later he said that the owners of the residence were his aunt and uncle. The home owners, however, said that they did not know the man and wanted to pursue charges.

When the ambulance arrived the man refused to answer their questions and refused medical treatment. The man was arrested and transported to Mount Graham Regional Medical Center for clearance to be taken to the jail. While at the Emergency Room, the man continued to refuse to give them his name. ER staff was able to get his date of birth and looked up his name. They told the officers the man’s name was Agustin Gonzales. One of the officers asked the man if that was his name and he said that it was.

Gonzales was transported to the Graham County Jail and booked for criminal damage and criminal trespass.