Library poetry slam ends with Woody Allen flick

Brooke Curley Photo/Gila Valley Central: Brandon Nite senior library technician, reads the work of his favorite poets during the library's poetry event Thursday night.

By Brooke Curley

SAFFORD – Poetry enthusiasts young and old gathered at the Safford City-Graham County Library on Thursday to celebrate the power of the printed poem.

An open microphone was available for those in attendance to read their work or the work of their favorite poetry authors. Young and old participated in the event. Poetry pieces read at the open mike included Emily Dickinson’s “320,” as well as the work of local poets, including Janice Rackauskas, and Safford Library Director Leanne McElroy reading from a collection of her mother’s poetry. After the hour of open microphone ended, the library held a screening of Woody Allen’s film“Midnight in Paris.”

Brandon Nite, senior library technician, organized the poetry and writer’s event. Nite told Gila Valley Central that the event coincided with National Poetry Month, and that he hoped to bring a love of poetry to the community.

“With the library’s annual event commemorating National Poetry Month, we’re looking to spark and maintain a love for poetry across the community,” Nite said. “With this year’s event, I was very happy to see a diverse age range of readers, from kids to teens and adults. Next year, I’d love to broaden this and get even more poets and poetry lovers from within the Gila Valley. We extend an open invitation to students at Safford High School and Eastern Arizona College in particular. We’d love to see more student readers. This is a terrific opportunity for them to share their work and love of poetry.”

Snow Angels

Twas’ after dark we made our start

Our promenade in the cold

The three of us…my sisters and I

When snow was dropping slow

Ten inches fell that night we walked

I’ll ne’re forget the sight

The scene was quiet…unnatural still

And all laid out in white

The din was hushed complete around

With only a tinkle to hear

Icicles descending from the eves

Resounding in my ear

We enjoyed the occasion immensely

And slowed for arrival home

For us…so uninhabited

This world was ours alone

We then composed cherubs live

Celestial bright and bold

With lovely snow wings fluttering

They bravely faced the cold

The memories are strikingly clear

I still see them in the snow…

So vivid in my mind and dear

Even though I’ve grown old

Snow Angels by Janice Rackauskas