Juvenile female arrested for assault after allegedly harassing a boy and his girlfriend

A Graham County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatch to a residence south of Safford recently in reference to a reported assault.

Upon arrival, the deputy spoke to a woman who said that a girl who has been harassing her son and his girlfriend came to their residence. When she asked the girl to leave, the juvenile assaulted her and her mother.

The woman said that the incident started the day prior, when the alleged juvenile offender flipped off her son’s girlfriend and a convenience store in Safford. In the same incident the juvenile offender threw a 44 ounce soft drink at the girlfriend’s car.

The boyfriend apparently went to the offender’s home to find out why the girl kept harassing him and his girlfriend. When the young man arrived he found the offender and her boyfriend at the residence. According to the police report he “told them that he was finished with all of the problems and they needed to handle it.” The young man told the deputy that the offender was standing behind her boyfriend during the conversation and started throwing rocks at him, so he left and went back home. He explained that the offending juvenile had been causing problems at school for a while and he didn’t know why.

The boy’s mother said that when her son got home a bunch of text messages started coming threatening to “finish it,” and threatening the boy’s girlfriend. The offender then called the boy. The boy’s mother and grandmother apparently told the girl to come over where there were people around so they could sort everything out and put an end to it so that it didn’t get out of hand.

The woman said that about 20 minutes later, the offender showed up and started banging on their door. The offender was apparently confrontational when they opened the door. The boy’s mother told her not to talk to them that way. She said that the girl then struck her in the face, breaking her glasses.

The grandmother was also allegedly assaulted and ended up pulling a gun on the juvenile offender demanding that she leave their property. The grandmother said that the gun was unloaded

The deputy called Juvenile Probation and was told the offending juvenile had a warrant for failure to appear. The probation officer asked the deputy to bring the girl in if he was able to contact her.

The deputy made contact with the girl and asked her for her side of the story. She said that the boy had come to her residence looking for a fight. She admitted hitting the mother and grandmother but said that she hit them because they grabbed her and pushed her, trying to get her to leave the residence.

The deputy told her that he had seen texts from her making threats against the young man and his girlfriend. He told her that the women she had assaulted wanted to pursue charges. He also pointed out that he was getting two different stories. The girl admitted that she had sent the threatening messages.

When the deputy told her about the warrant, she said that she didn’t know there was a warrant. When the deputy met with the probation officer again, she said that there was a mistake and there was not a warrant for the young woman. A transport team from juvenile probation took custody of the girl. She’s facing charges of assault and criminal damage.