It’s a mural hunt Saturday for Gila Valley Adventure Club

The mural on the west wall of Ginaveve's Market Place is one of the mural the Gila Valley Adventure Club will be looking for at its next outing, Saturday, May 21, starting at 8 a.m. - Contributed Photo/Brandt Woods

SAFFORD — The Gila Valley Adventure Club is taking a break from Mount Graham and the untamed Arizona desert for a more urban exploration.

The adventure Saturday, May 21, will take place on Safford’s Main Street.

“We’re going to meet at Gila Valley Made at 8 a.m. Saturday morning, and we’re going to look around and do a search and find for all the murals in the Downtown area,” said Brooke Curley with the Graham County Chamber of Commerce.

The walking tour will be led by Brandt Woods, who is on a mission to paint 31 murals in the Downtown area. Some are large, such as the Doc Holliday mural across from Thriftee Food and Drug, while others are small and could be overlooked without Woods’ help.

Woods’ work isn’t the only art that will be featured during the Adventure Club trek. Murals by artists Joe Roaneagle, Amy Novelli and Mandy Mathews will also be discovered and discussed, as well as the series of murals at Gila Valley Made that Woods coordinated with help from community volunteers.

The first 20 people to join Saturday’s Adventure Club outing will receive a free ice cream, courtesy of the Extreme Ice Cream ATV.

The next outing for the Gila Valley Adventure Club will be an overnight camping stay at Roper Lake State Park on June 17-18.

For more information go to (8) Adventure Club | Facebook.