Information regarding Eastern Arizona Hispanic Heritage Corp.

Greetings Eastern Arizona residents, I have important information regarding Eastern Arizona Hispanic Heritage Corp.

First of all, I must introduce myself (background included) in order to give credibility to the information.

My wife and I (both 75) are from Morenci graduated in ’66 and ’65 respectively and have been married 53 years; residents of Safford since ’86.  Our 3 children graduated from SHS.  We’re parishioners at St. Rose of Lima, Catholic Church.  I play requinto (Mexican Guitar) for the Spanish Choir (Coro Mensajero).

I’m an Eagle Scout, served U.S. Army and have two degrees AA and BS from EAC and ASU plus State of Arizona’s State Board of Technical Registration – PE, Mechanical Engineering.

No federal or state offenses (no felonies) only a few traffic citations.

Eastern Arizona Hispanic Heritage Corp. (EAHHc) is heritage and tradition, education and scholarships.

Having briefly exposed myself I would hope my description of EAHHc is true, accurate and acceptable by the reader i.e. the community.

Mr. Michael Andazola and I formed Graham County Hispanic Family Heritage in 2015. In 2017 we renamed the group Eastern AZ Hispanic Heritage and in 2019 we incorporated as such while the IRS determined us to be exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3).  Donors can deduct contributions made to us under IRC Section 170.

Our original intent is twofold; and we have not wavered since inception:

1. To celebrate our Hispanic heritage through its music, dance, food, art, architecture, crafts; most importantly we recognize its people i.e. individuals, families, groups who have made lasting and/or impressionable contributions to the welfare and sustainment of the culture.This celebration, a production in the form of dinner & show extravaganzas during National Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15 thru 10/15) and just recently at Eastern Arizona College Campus.

2. Scholarships at the Eastern Arizona College Foundation. Profits from events, certain donations and assigned sponsorships are transferred to the foundation hence creating scholarships for any registeredstudent at EAC (regardless of age, nationality, gender, religion or affiliation) we do not discriminate.  Please review the attached spreadsheets for clarity.

Mr. Andazola and I have created an endowment with Eastern Arizona College Foundation in the name of EAHHc approximately $26K. The endowment is toperpetuateand create annual scholarship(s) from its earnings.

When we request sponsorship and/or donations from Towns or Cities we do this because it is a win–win situation, not a political plight.  I am a tax-paying constituent of Safford, a voter since I was of age; I can’t see anything but good intention when towns or cities sponsor or donate to this worthy cause.  The donation is tax deductible. Sponsorships or donations to this corporation are spent wisely and responsibly. Eastern Arizona College students benefit from these scholarships and they help change worlds.

We encourage the continuation of your support and not the disparaging of something that is good for the community for education and for EAC students.

Guadalupe “Lupe” R. Munoz, PE

Secretary/Treasurer Eastern Arizona Hispanic Heritage Corp